IADV are proud to have re-published the book “Indigenous Place: Contemporary Buildings, Landmarks and Places of Significance in South East Australia and Beyond”, in partnership with the University of Melbourne.

The book asks what is an Indigenous cultural space? How is it located, identified and made visible through creative acts of place-making? How is it defined, received, identified and what drives its creation and maintenance? An outcome of a collaborative ARC Linkage Project, Indigenous Place documents selected cultural spaces and facilities throughout Australia.

The ARC Linkage Project is ‘Indigenous Placemaking in Melbourne: Representations, Practices and Creative Research’, led by Dr Janet McGaw and Dr Anoma Pieris of the Melbourne School of Design, University of Melbourne, Dr Emily Potter of Deakin University and Emeritus Professor Graham Brawn. Partners are the Melbourne City Council Indigenous Arts Program, Reconciliation Victoria and the Victorian Traditional Owners Land Justice Group


The research and writing for this publication has been led Anoma Pieris and authors include Pieris, Naomi Tootell, Fiona Johnson, Janet McGaw and Rueben Berg. The project would not have been possible without the amazing contributions of communities, architects, and artists of the over 250 places included in the book.

The book is available to purchase for $40.00 (plus postage) 


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